The Ohio State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation

The Ohio State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is devoted to the conservation and improvement of Wild Turkey and all wildlife habitat in the great State of Ohio.

In this site you will find information about the Ohio State Chapter and the many local chapters through out the state.  For information about the National Chapter go to

2018 Ohio State Board Elections

State board elections will be held February 1, 2018 through February 14, 2018.  Elections to the Ohio State Board of the NWTF are important to the NWTF and the state of Ohio.  The State Board works with the ODNR, National Forest Service, other government entities, and many other wildlife conservation groups to insure that the money raised by the NWTF in Ohio is used to help Ohio's wildlife and Ohio's hunters.  The men and women who volunteer to be on the board are very dedicated to the NWTF and to all NWTF members in the state.  Please take the time to select the candidates that you feel would best represent you.

Click Here to go to the Voting Page

2nd Annual "Buckeye Challenge - World Championship of Call Making" January 13, 2018

On January 13 we had the Buckeye Challenge "World Championship" of call makers completion prior to the state awards banquet.  We had over 200 entries from some of the Worlds Best Call Makers.  There are box calls, scratch box, trumpet, wingbone, slate, glass and other pot calls, diagphrams, deer calls, locator calls and more.  All of these calls are being auctioned off on Ebay under the seller name Buckey.Challenge.  They are on auction now till we get them all sold. Proceeds will help fund state outreach events and habitat programs.  Click here to go to the Ebay sellers page for the Buckey Challenge.


2018 Seed Subsidy Program

There will be a seed subsidy for NWTF members again this year. The ordering will now be through the NWTF website.  There is a good selection of Trees and food plot mixes to enhance your habitat.

You will be able to begin ordering on February 1, 2018,  CLICK HERE TO ORDER