Save The Habitat Save the Hunt

Hunters Education Registration


Thank you for all that you do for the NWTF and the sport of hunting and shooting.
If you are a current NWTF member and you would like to help us protect our hunting heritage as we know it through save the Habitat save the Hunt initiative please follow the listed directions.
To report your event/hunter education results, follow these easy steps.
1. Open your browser and entering
2. Hover your curser over the about tab then scroll down the list and select the hunting heritage programs option.
3. Select the triangle color that best corresponds to your event, yellow triangle for registered event or green triangle for new events then enter your event results.



It is that easy to show other States how many hunters we have created here in Ohio with the STHSTH initiative and at the same time enter you and or your local NWTF chapter into a drawing of many incentive options for qualifying events.
At the National level, the NWTF is currently offering an ALPS turkey hunting vest to the first 500 NWTF Chapters to create 10 hunters through a chapter event(s) and reporting the results.  Click Here For Alps Promotion Detials
At the State level the NWTF will be offering an annual random gun draw and or a hunting trip draw for NWTF members conducting and registering hunter education courses and events then reporting the results.
The more courses you conduct and report the results the higher the number of chances you will have for the gun and or hunt draw.
If you wish to become an Ohio hunter education instructor you will find information for becoming a certified Hunter Education instructor by calling 1-800-wildlife (945-3543)
If you are interested in becoming a hunting mentor, please e-mail Matt McDermott at